Alena Hošťálková
phone: +420 607 667 765
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Adéla Hošťálková
phone: +420 724 889 329
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Directions to site

From Klatovy
Approaching Nýrsko do not turn to the city centre, but keep driving straight towards Železná Ruda. Do not worry about passing the end of Nýrsko! At the following junction (after 300 m) turn right into the city. Just a short drive away from the junction turn left into a small noteless road leading down the hill. Shortly after you will see the low building of the park restaurant.
From Železná Ruda
At the junction right before Nýrsko turn left and head up the hill. Shortly after that take the first turning left (make sure you do not miss it as it is rather noteless). Head down the hill until you reach the camping site.